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Kpop guitar chords + review-- EXO | Peter Pan (XOXO 1st album)

I know many people are looking for guitar/ piano chords for the song, so I'll do chords before reviewing! Please comment and request for any other songs! :D

Without capo ¦ standard tuning:
D#          Cm           G#           Fm    A#

With capo 1 ¦ standard tuning:
D            Bm           G             Em    Am

Take note that the last two chords are played faster...

I know I haven't done any blog posts on song chords, but I'm trying to explore the areas in which my blog can cover, so I hope more people can come across my blog for their own reference.
I'm not a big fan of exo, but when I first heard their energetic 'howling' & comical 'saranghayeo' in their new song 'Wolf', instead of getting annoyed at those silly sounds ruining a decent melody, I was very amused and felt that the song and mv was quite nicely done. I won't go into the details of reviewing the album just yet, but I'll review this song, Peter Pan, that I'm so glad I had stumbled upon.
Firstly, the title of the song is very interesting. As you may see from my previous blogposts, I'm a huge U-kiss fan and although their song Neverland is one of my all-time favorites, I was still puzzled as to why this fairy land's name was used for such a dark solemn song. Yet Peter Pan, totally suits the sweet fairy tale impression that 'peterpan' and 'Neverland' give. It would have been most suitable if Peter Pan had gone under U-kiss' Neverland album xD (exotics please don't bash me Peter Pan is a great song that EXO has perfectly pulled off)
I loved the style of this song. I know I'm one of those fan girls who love boyish cute happy songs that are so sweet that they seem deadly to others, but seriously, it is a fantastic song. I loved the guitar plucking at the background, overwhelmed by the amazing harmonies by the boys. They totally fit the simple yet catchy melody of the song.
Of course, the song captured me (and many others) with the familiar English words (or rather, names from peterpan) like Neverland, tinkerbell (if I didn't hear it wrongly) and Wendy.
As a fluent Chinese speaker myself, I looked up the Chinese lyrics of the mandarin version sang by exo-m. Although I can't say that their pronunciation was understandable, I must say they had very good, meaningful lyrics, successfully integrating the idea of Peterpan the movie. It surprised me that such a childhood fairy tale story could be used in a love song. (okay maybe not much of a surprise but I was delighted? Maybe..)
Yeap, and that's how I got to love this song, and I read that many others think this song as their favorite of the entire album. Cheers to all those out there!!
If you made it till the end of this post, good for you because yes, I do know that I'm rambling unnecessarily. I'll cut down my rambling as much as possible... :'(
Support EXO! They are one fantastic band...

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